One of the categories in the clean beauty sphere that I am always looking for is hair products. I not only dye and highlight my hair, but I have a ton of it. Which means I need something that protects my color without weighing my hair down. Since switching to sulfate-free shampoos and conditioners, I only need to wash my hair once or twice a week (refreshing as needed with a clean dry shampoo), but as anyone who uses cleaner hair brands knows, they are not all created equal.

Because my hair is thick, but also fine, it’s been a challenge to find shampoos that leave my hair feeling clean, hydrated (but not overly so), and not weighed down.

Enter Vegamour’s Enso Line. I chose the formula for thick hair and they also sent me The Enso Overnight Restoring Hair Mask to try as well.

If you’re not familiar with this brand, here are some highlights:

They consider themselves to be hair wellness, not hair care.

Vegamour uses a holistic approach to creating their hair products that incorporate clinically tested plant-based ingredients that work together to promote healthy, beautiful hair, without the use of toxic chemicals.

No toxic chemicals, no phthalates, no silicones, no synthetic fragrances.

Their products are created with 4 core pillars in mind.

  1. Bioavailability – for ingredients to truly be effective, they need to be absorbed and synthesized by the body. Vegamour uses the latest advancements in clean, biomolecular technology to ensure that every ingredient is optimally effective.
  2. Clean, 100% Vegan Ingredients – Believing that what’s good for the planet is good for us, Vegamour is not only committed to using ingredients that are both healthy and eco-conscious, but they are also committed to being 100% cruelty-free.
  3. Holistic Hair Wellness – Vegamour ensures that each and every ingredient works in tandem for a complete holistic approach that also takes into account underlying factors that contribute to the health and beauty of hair.
  4. Science-Backed Results – Every single product is clinically tested for purity and efficacy.

My thoughts on the products:

Shampoo & Conditioner

Benefits: The first “smart shampoo & conditioner designed to adapt to the unique needs of thick hair”. Provides intense moisture with light volume, helps repair damage, and protects color. Sulfate-free.

Texture/Scent: Both are thick in consistency with a silky feel, and smell like jasmine and citrus.

How to use: use a small amount of shampoo and massage in for one minute, rinse, apply conditioner and let sit for two minutes before rinsing out.

My Thoughts/Experience/Results: The first time I shampooed & conditioned my hair I used too much and my hair was over-hydrated ( almost greasy). Once I figured out how much my hair actually needs (my hair is somewhat long as well as thick), I loved how it felt. My hair not only felt really clean, but it was hydrated just enough and felt silky and smooth. And of course, smelled divine! 😀

Price: $46 for both; $41 for both on their subscribe & save

Rating: standing ovation

Overnight Hair Mask

Benefits: “The first smart mask designed to adapt to the unique needs of damaged hair.” Hydrates, reduces frizz, enhances color and shine, and restores health to hair.

Texture/Scent: Thick texture with the same jasmine/citrus scent as the shampoo and conditioner.

How to use: apply a quarter size amount onto wet hair from scalp to ends, let sit on hair overnight, rinse and style as usual.

My Thoughts/Experience/Results: I honestly didn’t use this as an overnight mask, but rather as a deep conditioner while showering. I will say that even using it differently than it’s intended still gave me incredible results. Since I do color my hair as well as highlight, my hair can get a bit dry (even though my colorist uses an organic line) and it needs deeper conditioning at times. This mask provided my hair with the right amount of intense moisture that I wanted, without weighing my hair down or making it greasy. Because it is more hydrating than the regular conditioner, I would only use this once a week or as needed.

Price: $40; $35 with their subscribe and save

Rating: loud applause

Final Note: This is a perfect brand to try for those who are just dipping their toes into clean beauty products. It performs like some conventional shampoos and conditioners, but with much cleaner ingredients!

Have you ever tried Vegamour Products? I highly recommend giving them a look-see!

Until next time,

Brie xo

*Disclosure: product was sent to me by the brand for review consideration, however, all thoughts and opinions are 100% my own. All photos except for the last two product pics are property of Diary of a Soprano. You can read my full disclosure here.

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