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Hello, fellow creatives! Today I want to share how music has been an inspiration for all of my web designs and how it can be a tool you can use to inspire your design & creativity too! Monthly Inspiration: The Perfect Blend Last month, I started offering a free, curated playlist that you could listen […]

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How Music Inspires My Web Designs

FINALLY! It’s happened! All of the work, the sleepless nights, the stress and frustration is over. The brand new, re-branded, re-designed Brie Louise Design Studio and website is finally up and running! I can’t tell you how excited I am to share it with you! Brie Louise Design is a branding and (Showit) web design […]

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The New Brie Louise Design Studio is Officially Live!!!!

Welcome back, friends! It’s been a while! Just as I have been busy re-branding and re-designing my website, I’ve also given both my newsletter and this blog a mini-makeover of sorts as well. Today I am excited to share with you the new blog and all of the topics we will be exploring together! So, […]

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Welcome to “Behind the Curtain”: Where Creativity, Harmony, and Sustainability Unite!

While I am working on sorting out my rosacea and other health issues, I am going to pivot a bit and talk a little more about blogs and websites. Specifically, why they are still relevant and why you need a website. When I first started blogging about ten years ago, a website was a must […]

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Why You Need a Website/Blog & Why I am Obsessed with Showit and Tonic Site Shop!

Hey, everyone, and happy almost Friday! This post is a bit different than my usual, but one that I feel is just as important. I’ve been blogging for about 10 years now and in that time, my love for it has waxed and waned and then waned some more… Much of my dwindling passion has […]

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How A Web Design Company Helped Reignite my Blogging Passion

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