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Hello, fellow creatives! Today I want to share how music has been an inspiration for all of my web designs and how it can be a tool you can use to inspire your design & creativity too! Monthly Inspiration: The Perfect Blend Last month, I started offering a free, curated playlist that you could listen […]

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How Music Inspires My Web Designs

I get it. As singers, we are hypercritical of ourselves. We fall into the trap of comparison, we get preconceived notions of how we think we should sound, and we beat ourselves up if we don’t fit in the boxes we’ve made for ourselves. I can’t tell you how many years I spent hating my […]


Tips on How to Love Your Singing Voice

So, I did something recently that I haven’t done in a very long time and that I wasn’t sure I would ever do given my age and where I am in life. But something about turning 51 and the constant support and encouragement from my voice teacher and hubby motivated me to just do it! […]


My Practice Diary – Preparing for an Opera Audition & Dealing with Rejection

Welcome to today’s practice diary entry! Today is going to be all about song learning, more specifically my process for learning an aria or art song (which may be different than how other singers do it). I’m also going to share my old process vs. my new, current process so you can see how very […]


My Practice Diary – How I learn a Song

Hello, friends! Fall weather is officially (and finally) here! I was beginning to wonder if it would ever make an appearance or if we’d jump from Summer straight to Winter! Thankfully, we’ve been having some lovely Aumtum-esque weather for the month of October, so I am pretty happy. 🙂 This is my favorite time of […]

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