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Elevating CREATIVEpreneurs through                            Brand and Web Design

It's your brand, it's your stage and it's your time to shine!




Hey there, I'm Sabrina, but everyone calls me Brie! I'm an opera singer and eco-beauty blogger with a passion for sustainability and creativity.

As a classically trained opera singer, I've honed my storytelling through music. But my passion extends beyond sound. In the blogging realm, I craft narratives that resonate deeply.

Now, transitioning to web design, I aim to empower fellow artists and creative business owners to shine online.

Let's collaborate and compose a brand and website that takes you from the background to center stage! 

Hey, I'm Brie!

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Let's craft a vision for                brand and lay the groundwork by curating an irresistible Brand & Website tailored to captivate your                 audience.

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Rave reviews

Rave reviews

"She has created fully adaptable templates that encompass sleek presentations of schedules, media samples, about me portions, and easy ways to contact and hire. Should you find yourself wanting anything further, Brie has all of the knowledge and skill necessary to tailor new elements to your unique desires. Let someone who knows the world of performance set the groundwork for you - you will be delighted that you did!"

- Claire Galloway, Soprano & Voice Teacher

As A Performer Herself, Brie Knows Exactly What Musicians And Other Performing Artists Need On Their Websites.

"I've known Brie for many years, deciding to have her design my website was an easy decision. She is a professional and I completely trust her. 
If you need a website and have no idea where to start I would reach out to Brie. She really knows what works and what doesn't in terms of aesthetic. She also made updating my own site so simple with step bystep instructions. I highly recommend her as this is something that would have been a struggle without her! She also made the whole experience a fun and exciting adventure for me!"


Brie's attention to detail is superior! I highly recommend her to any business looking to elevate their web presence!

The Monthly Playlist

Explore my carefully curated playlist of music that's a mix of various decades and genres to boost your productivity and set the creative vibes in motion!

Each month, I'll share a new playlist to inspire, motivate, energize, destress and stimulate your creative fire! 

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