Composing brands & websites for singers, artists & creative businesses


 Composing brands & websites for singers, artists & creative businesses

It's Your Brand, It's Your Stage and Your time to Shine Online!

Hey there, I'm Brie – your new brand and web designer, opera singer, and your brand voice coach!

As a singer and designer, I understand the heartbeat of creatives. I understand the challenges of standing out in a often crowded digital landscape. And I understand how frustrating it can be to find your unique online voice when it seems like everyone is doing the same thing you are! 

My mission is to help other singers, artists and creative business owners like you to find your unique brand voice and transform your online presence into a captivating masterpiece! Whether you're looking to harmonize your branding, refine your web presence, or completely revamp your online site, I'm here for you! 

 Let's work together to compose a brand and website that will amplify your unique brand voice and make you stand out! 

Let's do this!

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Elevate your brand to a harmonious crescendo. We specialize in creating brand identities that resonate with your artistic spirit, leaving a lasting impression on your audience!

Unleash a fresh rhythm in your templates as Tempo Twist adds a dynamic and uniquely creative spin to your semi-custom design experience!

Compose your digital opus with Custom Compositions – bespoke web designs that transform your vision into an immersive online experience!

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"I've known Brie for many years, deciding to have her design my website was an easy decision. She is a professional and I completely trust her. 

If you need a website and have no idea where to start I would reach out to Brie. She really knows what works and what doesn't in terms of aesthetic. She also made updating my own site so simple with step by step instructions. 

I highly recommend her as this is something that would have been a struggle without her! She also made the whole experience a fun and exciting adventure for me!"

"Brie's attention to detail is superior...."

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The Perfect Blend Playlist

Explore my carefully curated playlist of music that pairs harmoniously with web design, creating an ambiance of creativity and productivity. 

Each month, I'll share a new playlist to inspire, motivate, energize, destress and stimulate your creative fire! 

Monthly Inspiration:

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