Hello, lovelies! It’s that time of year again – the time to test, judge, and share some truly great clean beauty products! This is my third year serving as a judge for the CertClean Beauty Awards, a role that I have been honored to play, and each year it seems the selections just keep getting better!

For those who may be unfamiliar with CertClean, it is a certification for safer beauty and personal care products. Products that bear the CertClean logo ensure that what consumers are buying/using are free from ingredients that could pose a risk to our hormonal, reproductive, and/or neurological systems. CertClean puts human health over the use of natural and organic ingredients. That being said, my personal experience with CertClean products has been that they are very natural, with organic ingredients, and safe for my health.

The annual CertClean Beauty Awards (this is their 6th year) recognizes the very best performing beauty and personal care products, formulated and manufactured without the use of known harmful ingredients, from across the globe. Brands submit their products to be tested, evaluated, and ranked by a select panel of judges (made up of green beauty influencers and advocates).

The mission of CertClean is pretty simple – to make safer, cleaner beauty and personal products the new norm.

This year, we were sent products from a specific category. I was given the “toner/mist” category and was sent several products to test out. Below I will give a summary of what I tried and what my overall thoughts were, and if I had any personal faves! 😉

  • Elva’s All Naturals Rosemint Facial Mist – While the scent combination of rose, rosemary, and mint wasn’t my fave, I really loved everything else about this toner. It’s alcohol-free, soothing, cooling, and very hydrating. It also helps to balance and clarify skin. Star ingredients – aloe, rose, rosemary, glycerin, jojoba, and clary sage.
  • AEOS Refreshing Hydrating Mist – This contains organic and biodynamic botanicals and crystal essences to uplift and revitalize and restore balance to the skin. As with the Elva’s, I wasn’t crazy about the scent, but it really did energize my mood and hydrate my skin. I think this was definitely at the top of my favorites list! Star ingredients – lemon balm and rose hydrosols, amethyst crystals (my birthstone ;-))
  • AKITA Rose Water – Only one star ingredient makes up this beauty – Rosa Damascena Flower Water. What makes this product so special is that the rose oil is left intact in the rose water, which means that all of the benefits that reside in the oil are maintained (you can read about the benefits here). I can’t say enough about this, except that this was my #1 fave of the bunch!
  • Veriphy Hit or Mist Facial Toner – This was another soothing and hydrating facial mist that I really appreciated when we had some hotter days! I also loved most of the ingredients and how my skin felt after misting this on. Star ingredients – glacial mineral water, phytoglycogen (made from non-GMO sweetcorn), white tea, and blue lotus extracts.
  • Dr. Orga AloeBlue Barrier Toner – A scent-free, moisturizing toner, I have been using this every night after cleansing to get any traces of makeup my cleanser may have missed. It’s very soothing and calming and extremely hydrating. Star ingredients – ceramide NP, aloe, blue-green algae.
  • Alaska Glacial Illuminating Niacinamide + Hyaluronic Antioxidant Glow Toner – This travel-size toner is not only perfect to toss in your purse or gym bag, but it contains lots of skin-loving goodies that make this another fave of mine. It’s hydrating, it’s ph balanced (ph 5.4), and feels incredible on your skin. Star ingredients – Alaska glacial water, niacinamide, blueberry fruit extract, and chaga mushroom extract.

All in all, I liked everything I tested and found some new favorites a long the way! I’m excited to see how these fair in the awards – in my opinion, they are all winners!

Have you tried any of these brands? If so, which were your faves?

Until next time,

*Product was sent to me for testing & judging purposes, all opinions are my own. All photos were taken by and are property of Sabrina Zimmerman (The Eco-Conscious Soprano), please do not use without permission.

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