Hello, fellow creatives! Today I want to share how music has been an inspiration for all of my web designs and how it can be a tool you can use to inspire your design & creativity too!

Monthly Inspiration: The Perfect Blend

Last month, I started offering a free, curated playlist that you could listen to. My goal is to share music of a wide variety and genres to inspire your creativity, motivate, energize, uplift, destress, or even introduce you to new styles you may not think to listen to on your own.

Each month will focus on a specific theme and all of the songs will be carefully selected to reflect that theme. This month, the theme is “Inspiration for Creativity”. The songlist includes modern songs and I chose them specifically for how they inspired me in terms of website or brand designs.

How Music Inspires Web Design

It’s no secret that I am a professional classical singer and musician and that music is an integral part not only of my life but (now) my brand and design process. And ever since getting into web design, my brain processes and translates music differently. On one hand, I am analyzing a song as a musician, and on the other, I am translating the rhythms, tempos, dynamics, mood, singer’s voice, and language into design elements. For instance, the warmth or brightness of a singer’s voice can influence my choice of color palettes for a design, shifts in tempo or dynamics can inspire how I create the layout and rhythmic patterns can translate into graphics, accent colors, or fonts or even just sprinkling specific branding elements throughout the site. The weight of a singer’s voice or the language they are singing can be instrumental in what fonts I choose. Each of the designs that I have created has in some way been inspired by the music I was listening to at the time.

How Music Can Help Inspire You

We all know that music can affect how we feel, and honestly, that’s a good place to start when looking for creative inspo! Take that feeling and put it into words or sculpture or painting or whatever artistic genre you are about!

Then, break down the song into bite-sized pieces and see what you envision from a creative viewpoint. For example – what’s the rhythm? Are there any repeating patterns? Do the tempo and dynamics shift often? Maybe that can inspire a parallax scroll or animated text? There’s really no right or wrong way to get inspired by music! It’s all about how you interpret it and how it helps to influence your creative choices!

I would love to hear your thoughts on this and what music inspires you the most!

With warmth, melody, and creativity,

Brie xo

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