Hey, everyone, and happy almost Friday! This post is a bit different than my usual, but one that I feel is just as important.

I’ve been blogging for about 10 years now and in that time, my love for it has waxed and waned and then waned some more…

Much of my dwindling passion has had to do with web design..and the fact that I could never find a design that truly felt like me. In the past ten years, I have had custom designs, purchased pre-made templates, and even begun learning web design myself in the hopes of creating a site that authentically and accurately showcases who I am.

Nothing did.

And then I discovered Tonic.

And everything changed.

Now, full disclosure here – my entire site is not designed by Tonic. My site right now is kind of a Frankenstein, with a few different web designer’s parts (+ my own) completing the look. My goal, however, is to have a 100% Tonic site in the near future. I’m looking at you, Lillet Blanc!

Until then, it is what it is and I am pretty happy with it – for the first time ever.

So who or what is Tonic? Tonic is a web design company that provides industry-leading Showit website templates for anyone who needs their site to shine more brightly in a sea of sameness. These are definitely not cookie-cutter designs! Every Tonic design is created with intention, with uniqueness and maybe even a little bit of magic sprinkled in…

But the truth is, Tonic is way more than just a web design company that sprinkles magic around. They also share the many tips and tricks that’s helped them succeed in various online courses. They’re like the Mr. Miyagi of web design, SEO, and copywriting teaching all of us Daniel LaRusso’s out there how to use wax on, wax off in our own businesses.

I recently took their 3-day, 3 hours a day Launch Camp course and it was the match I needed to relight my passion, my motivation, and my excitement about what I do and what I could do!

I learned more in that 3-day course about all of the things I should have paid more attention to (like SEO) than I did in the last ten years. And they’re just really, really nice people who truly want to help you succeed!

So, yeah, Tonic definitely helped to get me back on my game. But it’s more than that – they kind of helped me to find myself as a brand. Who I am, who my ideal audience is, and how to get my sh*t together to actually focus on nurturing my brand, instead of spending all of my time on the aesthetic of my site!

So, yeah, I definitely have a Tonic addiction! And if you happen to need more reasons to love them….

  1. Designs are all completely customizable — like, you can change anything, and you can change it yourself, in your sweatpants, with a drink in your hand. No angry developers named Vlad who mostly just shrug a lot and don’t respond to your emails.
  2. It’s easy: just drag and drop it like it’s hot until you’ve got the site of your dreams. It totally passes the mom test — if you can write an email, you can customize your own site.
  3. Awesome support from people who actually care about you. Does Squarespace care about you? Probably not.
  4. You’ve got total control of your mobile and your desktop — no more wondering why something looks wonky on the platform 90% of people use to see your brand for the first time and not being able to fix it.
  5. Jen and Jeff have done all the heavy lifting for you — the sites are gorgeous, obviously, but they’re also super strategic, and designed to connect with your ideal client. All you need to do is plug and play.
  6. For 1/8th the price of a custom site, you can have the site of your dreams up within days. No more crying into your cocktail.
  7. All the designs are cocktail inspired, straight from the top shelf – French 75, Vodka Soda, Moscow Mule, Gin & Tonic. You get it.

No code, no tears, no limits. Just pick a design, purchase it, customize it, launch it, and sit back with a cocktail while the compliments roll in.

Did I mention that their sites are gorgeous?

If you’ve felt less than in love with your website, I highly recommend checking out Tonic’s site. They also have add-on templates like Instagram links, Sales pages, and podcasts, as well as some of the most gorgeous social media templates! I’ve literally purchased several things already! #obsessedmuch

And because the peeps over at Tonic love me (and you too), they gave me a 15% off discount code to share with you! Just use Brie15 at checkout to save!

Have you ever used anything from Tonic?

Chat soon,

Brie xo

*affiliate link is used, all thoughts and gushings are my own. Photos are property of Tonic Site Shop.

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