Lauren Brooke Cosmetiques Creme Foundation Review + Discount Code

Because my skin is so oily, I generally tend to stick with mineral powder foundations, as liquids and creams always end up looking “cakey” or wearing off after a few hours on my skin. I only wear natural and organic make-up, so you can imagine how frustrating this has been for me, especially when I read reviews from other beauty bloggers about how much they love the products that just didn’t work out for me. 🙁

Lauren Brooke Cosmetiques Creme Foundation

When I first discovered Lauren Brooke Cosmetiques (review here), I had wanted to try their Creme Foundation but was a little worried I would be disappointed. Still, I decided to order a sample and give it a shot.

The first thing I noticed was the texture – it’s more creamy and light than other cream foundations I have tried in the past, almost like a BB cream. The second thing I noticed was that it covered everything I needed to hide, yet felt like I wasn’t wearing anything on my skin. It melts seamlessly into my skin and really evens out my skin tone, leaving a natural, healthy radiance.

I like to apply the foundation with my fingers, and then blend it with a cosmetic sponge for a more even and natural application. Then I go over it with a finishing powder to set it and keep my skin from looking oily.

It lasts all day, and never cakes or makes my skin look greasy. It also doesn’t dry out my skin, which some liquids and creams have done in the past.

Best of all, it doesn’t break me out! 🙂

I’ve been fortunate to have had great results from everything I have tried from Lauren Brooke, but this item is definitely one of my favorite products of theirs, as well as being one of the best foundations I have ever tried, hands down.

If you do choose to try out their products, you can use my code BRIE10 to save yourself 10% on your purchases!

Have you tried Lauren Brooke Cosmetiques Creme Foundation? What are your thoughts?

*Products were purchased by me. Affiliate links are used. All photos (except the cover photo) were taken by and are property of La Vie de Brie Louise – please do not use them without permission.

*Note: This post was first written on 5/26/13. However, my obsession with this brand, their ingredients, and how well the make-up in particular performs, has not waned!

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