After months of testing, sending in my scores, and waiting…the finalists of the Cert Clean 2018 Clean Beauty Awards are finally in! 😀

Cert Clean has been organizing the Clean Beauty Awards for 4 years now and this time, and are considered to be the world’s premier Awards for the growing nontoxic skincare sector. More than 300 products were submitted for consideration for 15 categories. This past year, I was lucky enough to find myself participating as a judge!

In this post, I will share the products that I was sent to test out and judge on, and then which brands made it to the finals (I was stoked to see several TBE faves among those chosen)!

First up, my judging loot:

As you can see, I was graciously sent quite a few things to test out for the “Face Care Category” and not only did I discover some new loves, but one of my fave brands, C2 Cali Clean was included in the box of goodies I was sent! 😀

Here’s a full break down of what I was sent:

  1. The Herbs & Bees “Bee Youth-Full Rejuvenating Serum” – This is a deeply nourishing and hydrating formula containing oils like borage, sunflower (vitamin E), almond and frankincense as well as EO’s of geranium, lavender, and roman chamomile.
  2. ISOI Acni Dr. 1st Speedy Spot – A super fast-acting spot treatment that contains potent acne fighting ingredients like tea tree oil, olive leaf, and white willow bark as well as soothing ingredients like rose flower oil and beta glucan. A little bit goes a long way and it’s buh-bye zits! One of my top picks and one of the finalists!
  3. Carina Organics Toner – Another fave and one I have been using pretty much every day, this lovely toner contains pine extract, chamomile, clove and pomegranate for tons of antioxidants and anti-aging and anti-acne benefits.
  4. Organic Island “Active Antioxidant Crème – Day” – A lightweight, yet highly moisturizing creme made with antioxidant-rich ingredients like rosehip, green tea, olive leaf, and sea kelp. Absorbs quickly, isn’t greasy and leaves skin feeling soft and silky all day. I loved to use this on my hands as well!
  5. Purito Fermented Complex 94 Essence – My top pick of the bunch and my first time ever using an essence – this is formulated with 3% niacinamide (helps with boosting skin immunity, improving skin barrier function, toning down redness, and reducing oxidative stress), fermented rice and soybean, green tea leaf extract and sodium hyaluronate to name a few. Popular in Korean and Japanese skin care routines, an essence is different than a standard toner in that a toner is generally used as the last step in cleansing to remove any last traces of residue and helps to restore ph balance to the skin, while an essence is used as the first step of treatment and is formulated to target specific skin issues like fine lines, acne, dullness, etc. They’re lighter than serums, but contain actives you’d find in a serum. Anyways, long story short – this essence is the and I am 100% addicted!
  6. Definitive Rose “Rose & Calendula” Face Cream – Rich and luxurious, this face cream contains lots of nourishing plant oils, like rose, calendula, seabuckthorn, and grapeseed to name a few, and leaves skin feeling hydrated and soothed.
  7. Lacfin “Revive Facial Sheet Mask” – I love a good sheet mask, and this one contains some key ingredients that I love in my skin care – like peptides, HA, fruit stem cells and lots of plant ingredients to nourish, soothe and provide anti-aging benefits.
  8. Bee23 Natural Beauty “Hotty Balm Normal to Oily” – Made specifically for those with normal to oily/acne prone skins, this lovely facial balm is made with a combination of plant oils and herbs in a base of shea butter and beeswax. It looks like it would be super heavy, but it’s actually pretty lightweight.
  9. C2 Cali Clean “Citrus Stem Cell Intense Moisture Lock Creme” – I’ve been a fan of C2 Cali Clean for a while now (see here) so I was pretty excited to find this in the group! This is made with the highest concentrations of peptides, plant stem cells, and other bio-actives for superior anti-aging results! It’s silky, lightweight, non-greasy formula was just what I needed for my oily/acne prone skin (I tested this over the Summer)!

All in all, I enjoyed trying everything that was sent and the whole experience was fun for me!

Now for the finalists!!! Entries were submitted by brands in 12 countries, including: Australia, Canada, France, Hungary, India, Malta, South Korea, Sweden, Taiwan, Turkey, United Kingdom, and United States and the finalists were determined by the average scores of over 80 judges around the world.

The 4th annual Clean Beauty Awards Finalists – 2018

The Top LipCare

The Top EyeCare

The Top OdourCare

The Top LipStick

The Top FaceCare

The Top FaceWash

The Top BodyCare

The Top SunCare

The Top LipGloss

The Top EyeColour

The Top Mascara

The Top Eyeliner

The Top BodyWash

The Top HairWash

The Top HairTreatment

The winners will be announced in March/April. I’ll update the post or write another one with the winners! Stay tuned! 😀

Peace & love,

Brie 💋

*All products were gifted to me for testing/judging purposes. Opinions are my own. All photos were taken by and are property of TBE – do not use without permission.

About the Clean Beauty AwardsHonouring products in 15 categories, the Clean Beauty Award, launched by CertClean, recognizes the best performing beauty and personal care products, manufactured without the use of known harmful chemicals, from across the globe. The mission is to promote the excellence and performance of “free from” beauty products to accelerate the growth of the clean beauty movement. 
For more information:

About CertCleanThe Distinction Brands Need. The Certification Shoppers Trust. Based in Toronto, CertClean helps make safer skincare the new norm by helping shoppers easily discover beauty and personal care products formulated without ingredients recognized to cause harm to human health. CertClean assesses, approves and certifies clean beauty products – look for 1000+ products proudly bearing the CertClean mark. 
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