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These branding templates are included in the Branding Blog Series, but in case you missed them, you can download them here. You will need to sign up for a free Canva account to be able to access & use them!

Free Branding Templates

What kind of a music lover or musician would I be if I didn't create my own playlists? Every first Monday of the month, I will have a new playlist for you to enjoy - each one carefully curated to reflect a specific theme or era! 

Free Music Playlist

If you're an aspiring opera singer, music artist, newbie business owner or creative soul - this series is for you! Plus there are freebies in every post to help you craft your brand identity and story! 

Free Branding  Series

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These are my four fave design tools that I can't live without! 

top 3 fave design tools

to create color palettes


create logos, graphics for sm & more!

canva pro

find a website's font

what font

Resources for 


More Resources

New designers

 design Educational Resources

Leslie has an amazingly insightful and helpful Showit course called the Unveiled Designer Academy. This course really helped me with my client workflow and management! She also has great resources in her shop too! 

Leslie Vega Design

Becca's courses are great starting points if you are just getting your feet wet in the world of web design and have no idea how to get going! She also has free resources and a free course on getting started in the world of web design!

Becca Luna Education

NOrthfolk Co.

I'm obsessed with their designs, but also their knowledge! Check out their Revolving Revenue Course for template selling. And save $$ on their designs with code BRIELOUISE

In addition to some of the most gorge templates for both Showit and Canva, Melissa has an entire resource section just for designers! Her blog also has a lot of very helpful info! 

Superhero Design Co.

This Showit team has courses on SEO, Template Selling and Wordpress + lots of tips and hacks in both their blog and YouTube! 

Davey & Krista

Rebel & Rise

Katie is an OG Showit designer that offers tons of valuable resources and courses for designers wanting to up their game! 

Here are some of my HG resources for learning both Showit and design! 

More Resources for (New) Designers

Showit has an extensive learning library with everything you need to know about getting to know and using this platform! They even have 2 free courses to help you with your learning! 

Showit Help Docs

Becca has FREE resources to help new designers learn and grow - including a free courses and free Showit designs you can use!

Becca Luna Resources

Struggling to get your branding right? Melo is amazing at helping you figure it all out! 

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