It’s no secret that I love discovering new eco-conscious products to share with you all, and even though I have my tried and true HG brands (Bella Aura I’m looking at you!), I still love to try new brands to add to my routine.

My current discovery is one I am really quite excited about as I had heard of them a few years ago, but never had a chance to try them..until now (cue happy dance). 🙂

Puur Ingrid is a Canadian brand that was inspired by their founder’s Dutch heritage – “Puur” means “pure” in Dutch. And this brand definitely lives up to its name, using only the best, cleanest, healthiest ingredients that are both good for your skin and the environment – two things that are especially important to me!

Purr Ingrid is also a cruelty-free brand, never testing on animals – another point in their favor IMO.

Because they strive to create the purest products possible, they ensure that all of the “goodness” (the nutrients) in the ingredients remains intact by never heating them above body temperature. Being the owners of their research, development, and production means that they can oversee every step of the product making process, making sure that their standards of high quality are met. They manufacture their products in small batches in their Lab in Calgary, Canada, which means that your products will be fresh when they reach you.

Their PUUR Commitment: They always formulate without 1,300+ Banned Ingredients, Including: Parabens, Mineral Oil, Sulfate-based Detergents, Synthetic Fragrance, Petroleum-based Ingredients, Phthalates, Phenoxyethanol, Formaldehyde, and GMO Ingredients.

I received 3 of their products to test and review and today I am going to share my thoughts on each. Also, they were gracious enough to give a 15% coupon code for you guys, which I will give at the end of this post, so be sure to read til the end! 😀

  1. Squalane Absolute – $19.66 USD- Squalane oil is one I have seen in products I’ve used over the years, but I never really gave it much thought, until now that is. Let me just say, the benefits are many! First of all, it fights off those aging free-radicals, so yay for that! It helps to balance oil production, while still providing superior hydration to the skin (without being heavy or greasy), and it helps to stimulate collagen synthesis for plumper, more glowy skin! This is a wonderful oil that is suitable for all skin types, including sensitive and acne-prone. Puur Ingrid’s squalane is made from 100% plant-sugar and is fragrance-free. You can use this on its own, mixed with other facial oils or moisturizers, or even with your foundation for some extra moisture. And its usage is not limited to the face – you can use this anywhere you need an extra boost of hydration – hands, cuticles, lips, feet, hair. I’ve been trying this in several different ways – I am just obsessed with it!
  2. Facial Radiance Oil – $27.53 USD – If you are looking for a vitamin C product to add to your regimen that is natural, effective, and affordable, this is for you! Carefully formulated with potent and nutrient-rich ingredients, this facial oil helps to brighten skin and fight signs of aging. Besides containing deeply moisturizing evening primrose and squalane oils, this also contains tetrahexyldecyl ascorbate, a stable and oil-soluble form of vitamin C, that is easily absorbed by the skin and won’t oxidize. It’s also a gentler form of vitamin C, making it ideal for even sensitive skin types. This has a very faint, pleasant citrusy scent and a light texture that really does absorb quite quickly, leaving the skin super soft and hydrated. I like to mix the squalane oil with this at night for extra benefits!
  3. Triple Tonic Treat – $14.93 USD – This hair treatment detangles, defrizzes, and conditions with one spray! Since quarantine, the only time I ever style my hair is if I am singing in a Masterclass or a live stream recital, so most days I just let my hair do its thing and don’t mess with it. I don’t use styling products, so I rely on a conditioning spray to keep my hair in check. And this one did not disappoint me. Made with essential oils, aloe juice, and Glossyliance® (an innovative plant-derived extract that boosts shine), this leaves your hair tangle-free, soft, and smelling heavenly – I honestly can’t stop touching or smelling my hair lol.

Coupon Code:

Use code CertClean15 at checkout on Puur Ingrid’s website and receive 15% off on all of their already super affordable products! 😀 

Extra notes:

All of Puur Ingrid’s products are CertClean certified – CertClean is a Canadian-based organization providing certification for safer beauty and personal care products. 

They are also Leaping Bunny approved and EWG verified. 

Have you tried any of Puur Ingrid’s products? What are your faves? Are there any that pique your interest? Let me know in the comments!

Until next time, 

Brie xo

*Products were sent to me for review consideration, all thoughts are my own. All photos were taken by and are property of TBE, please do not use without permission. 

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