Hello, friends! Fall weather is officially (and finally) here! I was beginning to wonder if it would ever make an appearance or if we’d jump from Summer straight to Winter! Thankfully, we’ve been having some lovely Aumtum-esque weather for the month of October, so I am pretty happy. 🙂 This is my favorite time of year and I wasn’t going to be pleased if I was denied my crsip, yet not too cold, Fall weather! 

Speaking of Fall, this is the perfect time to share some of the things I have been loving for this season and what I have my eye on. 

Fall Skincare Picks

My top picks for skincare are products that I felt were perfect for this time of year.  Some of the products I chose because they had Fall ingredients (because I love themes!) but also because they are hydration forward and now is the time to start upping our moisturizing game! 😉 All of these are products that I use and love (with the exception of Cocokind’s AHA cleanser, which is on my radar). 

*some products do have affiliate links

  1. MyChelle Dermaceuticals Pumpkin Collection  – I am obsessed with all things pumpkin, so I was more than happy to try this collection out. This is part of their “Strengthening Collection” and consists of a creamy cleanser, an exfoliating peel, and a moisturizer. 
  2. *Cocokind Ceramide  Barrier Serum – This is probably my favorite serum of the moment. I use it on top of their Probiotic Acne Serum and before my SPF. I can’t tell you how hydrated, plump and just amazing my skin looks when I use this consistently. I can’t recommend it enough, especially for this time of year! 
  3. Bella Aura Gentle Purifying Cleanser –  This is my all time fave gentle cleanser. It protects the skin’s moisture barrier, it provides lots of nutrients and can double as a hydrating mask. I can’t live without it! But if you want something that is a bit more exfoliating, but still very gentle, then try Cocokind’s AHA Jelly Cleanser. 
  4. *Beauty by Earth Tinted Facial SPF ( I use the shade Natural Beige) – This can double as a moisturizer and make-up. It doesn’t provide a lot of coverage, but it does neutralize redness and helps to make my skin look more “vibrant” (aka less pale like a vampire). 

**Discount code for Bella Aura is BRIE15,  for Cocokind it’s SABRINA10 and for Beauty by Earth it’s eco-soprano12

Fall Beauty Picks

My choices for beauty products were based on the color palettes (were they “Fall” inspired) and ingredients – were they moisturizing, long wearing, etc. I personally like products that can hold up to whatever activity I am doing – especially if I am performing or on a date with the hubby. 

  1. Fitglow Lip Colour Serum – I absolutely adore these lip serums! I use the Night Lip Serum everyday and the colors when I go out. They are so incredibly hydrating and nourishing! I generally love warm nudes or browns or oranges for Fall, but their “Blackberry Jam” shade is giving me all the Fall vibes right now. 
  2. Lily Lolo Pressed Bronzer (I use “Miami Beach”) – I love a good bronzer no matter the season and this one is not only natural looking (not orange-y looking), but also good for your skin. I use bronzer everywhere on my face I need or want color, including in the crease of and under my eyes. 
  3. Deco Miami Nail Color in “PSL” – This is a rich, red-toned pumpkin spice créme that is the perfect nail color for Fall. 

Fall Fashion Picks

Who doesn’t love a good cozy sweater in the Fall? Or how about comfy sweats – which has pretty much been my attire of choice during COVID. I’m all about what’s comfortable more so than what’s trendy, but I still want what I am wearing (even if no one but my hubby sees me) to be flattering. 

  1. Chunky Knit Cardigan – I love cardigan sweaters in the cooler weather and this one is calling my name! This brand has a few Fall worthy colors, but I am digging this golden shade. 
  2. Fleece Coat from LL Bean – I really needed a new Fall weather appropriate coat, so my hubby ordered this one for me. I love the cozy, casual look of this and the black coffee shade I picked is very season themed. 
  3. Sing Pretty Designs “Vocal Athlete” sweatshirt – What could be more perfect for a singer to wear in the Fall than a sweatshirt that says “vocal athlete”? I also love the rich cranberry shade and just how super comfy it looks! 

Fall Repertoire Picks

Because I love themes so much, I thought it would be fun to pick a few Fall inspired art songs to share. I’ll link the videos and also a link to the text and translation so you can follow along. Some things for you to think about while listening: What are some things that you notice in the vocal lines or in the accompaniment? Is there a similar theme of how they use Autumn in the context of the songs? How do these songs make you feel?

  1. Herbstlied by Robert Schumann – text & translation
  2. Herbst by Franz Schubert – text & translation
  3. Pensée d’Automne by Jules Massenet – text and translation
  4. Chanson d’Automne by Renaldo Hahn – text & translation

What are your picks for Fall? What do you love most about this season? 

Until next time,

Brie xo

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