My Top Clean Makeup Picks for On-Camera Performing!

Hey, loves! One of the many changes COVID has created is to the performing world. With theaters, opera houses, and performing venues closed for however long, we singers have had to switch gears and explore new avenues of performing for an audience.

The new normal for us has become doing what we love in front of a camera and sharing our craft online. It’s definitely not the same as performing in front of a live audience, as you don’t get that “charge”, that energy feed online as you do on a stage. The audience reaction (whether good or bad) is what drives our performances and allows us to make adjustments (if possible) as needed.

Because we’ve had to switch to doing everything online, we’ve had to learn how to be our own stage and lighting director, audio and video engineer, set & costume designer, as well as editing engineer. Most of these jobs, I’ve had little to no experience with, but am currently taking a course to have the know-how.

And because we are performing at home in front of our own cameras, how we do our make-up, in particular, has also changed. While it’s necessary to wear heavier make-up and bolder colors on a stage in a huge theater/opera house, the intimacy of online requires a much more pared-down approach. So, my picks for today are going to reflect what would work best for performing during this COVID age. 🙂

Building the perfect foundation…

While we all want to shine for our audiences, we don’t want our skin to. So, when selecting a base, depending on your skin type, look for foundations that will keep shine at bay. Powder foundations are best recommended, but if you have really dry skin or textured skin, a powder foundation may not be your jam. I’d suggest either a water-based liquid paired with a mattifying finishing powder or a cream foundation and powder on top. But regardless of your skin type, here are my personal picks for on-camera primers, foundations, and setting powders.

All products are varying shades of green and price points and for various skin types and tones.



  1. 100% Pure Mattifying Primer $49
  2. Eminence Lilikoi Light Defense Primer $62
  3. Bare Minerals Blemish Rescue Anti-Redness Mattifying Primer $26
  4. Silk Naturals Oil Control Primer – Translucent $9.95


  1. Lauren Brooke Cosmetiques Soft Focus Primer $28
  2. 100% Pure Luminous Primer $39
  3. Jane Iredale Smooth Affair $50
  4. Organic Broccoli Seed Oil $9.81 (2oz)



  1. Bare Minerals Bare Pro Liquid $34 – My personal fave for my skin
  2. Jane Iredale Beyond Matte Liquid Foundation $50
  3. Jane Iredale Pure Pressed Base $44


  1. Lauren Brooke Cosmetiques Creme Foundation $32
  2. Gabriel Cosmetics Dual Powder Foundation $27.70
  3. Lucy Minerals Foundation $17

Setting Powder – very important no matter your skin type to keep any oil away! The camera will pick up on any shine so do not go for dewy, think matte, matte, matte!

  1. Lucy Minerals Finishing Powder $17
  2. Silk Naturals Un-Tinted Blur Powder $11.95
  3. 100% Pure Bamboo Blur Powder $20

All the other fixings…

Makeup can be more toned down, but still glam. The big thing is to keep with the matte textures, no shimmers or shine – this includes highlighter and lips.


  1. Tartelette Clay Matte Eyeshadow Palette $39
  2. Gabriel Cosmetics Beach Beauty Palette $27.50
  3. Pacifica Beauty Pink Nudes Palette $18
  4. Aether Beauty Joshua Tree Palette $58
  5. Gabriel Cosmetics Eyeliner $12 – I always go over my pencil liner with a powder for extra definition, staying powder, and to tone down any glossiness. If you prefer a liquid, I recommend this one.
  6. Lily Lolo Big Lash Mascara $22
  7. Silk Naturals Brightening Concealer (matte highlighters) $6.50
  8. Silk Naturals Shady Lady Contour Powder $6.50
  9. Gabriel Powder Blush in Apricot (matte) $19.30
  10. Gabriel Lip Liner $12
  11. Clove & Hallow Lip Velvet $19

Other tidbits:

I was always told to wear my hair off my face so that no shadows appear on my face and even though I’ll be performing in front of a light ring and my phone camera, I’ll still stick to that advice. It’s also easier to see facial expressions when your hairstyle isn’t covering parts of your face. 🙂

Minimal, understated jewelry and solid colors that flatter your skin tone and won’t fade into your back-drop complete the look.

I’m still getting my home studio set up so it will be a bit before I have some content to share, but I am currently working on some new repertoire that I plan to put on my music website once that is completely designed. 🙂

Matte make-up look. If I were performing, hair would be pulled back or up

Until next time!

Brie xo


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