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What clean beauty is
Why you should use cleaner products & what greenwashing is
Where you should start 
Some of my favorite & affordable clean brands with discount codes so you can save $$ while you shop!
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If you've been wanting to try clean beauty products but have no idea where you should start or what's even worth the money, this is for you! In this guide, I'll help you navigate the often times overwhelming world of cleaner, eco-conscious beauty so you can stop stressing and start ditching the toxins now! 

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"I created this guide to make the switch to clean beauty more easy and less stressful, not just for other singers, but for anyone who wishes to use healthier beauty options"

In this 14-page Guide You'll learn:

Meet the Blogger & Clean beauty advocate

Hi, I'm Brie, and I'm Obsessed with clean skincare &  beauty products! 

I've spent most of my life dealing with acne and the scars it left behind, both physical and emotional. As a singer and performer it was challenging for me to find products that would both hold up to the demands of performing and not break my skin out. When I discovered clean beauty, I finally found a solution to both of those challenges! Now, I love sharing all I know about healthier skin care & beauty options with others!

 WEB + BRAND DESIGNER, opera Singer, lifestyle blogger, wellness enthusiast & frequent judge for the 9th annual cert clean "clean Beauty awards"

@Brie Louise Creative Studio 2023-2024

based in cambria, ny & working with clients worldwide


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