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 Brie is a classically trained soprano who especially loves to sing Mozart & Handel.

‚ÄčIn addition to singing, she's also a lifestyle blogger, clean beauty & wellness advocate and web designer on the Showit platform.

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Sabrina does a fantastic job of using her knowledge and experience to find the best way possible to help you get to where you want to be as a vocalist and as a musician. She cares about your goals and she constantly looks for the best ways to adapt her teaching to fit your needs and skill level.

Solomon L. -  Vocal Student
April 2020

Love from former students

Brie is Very talented and sweet! My daughter learned so much and loved her weekly lessons!

Samantha S. - mom of beginning piano student, Melody
April 2020

A wonderful teacher who makes learning fun! My daughter very much enjoys her classes.

Holly E.. - mom of beginning piano student,
Nov. 2019

"Dulcet tone, angelic voice - Brie has a lovely, sweet voice with a gorgeous spinning top that sounds EASY! "

Core Singers Program Instructor - 2020

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