My story begins with a passion for the arts, and a love for creating beautiful things...

 Growing up, I had a deep love for the arts. I envisioned a life on stage, pursuing the dreams of becoming a singer, actress, and even a comic book artist. The turning point came in college when Andrew Lloyd Webber's Phantom reignited my love for music, leading me to switch my major from Visual Art to Music Performance.

In 2007, I met an esthetician who set me on my clean beauty path and then in 2013 (while recovering from back surgery), I started my blog focusing on wellness and using sustainable beauty and personal products. This was my main creative outlet until 2018 when I got back into singing, as well as teaching beginning voice and piano full time. 

Then, the world shifted. The void left by live performances during the pandemic became an unexpected opportunity. Fueled by the frustration of crafting my own online space, I delved into web design, transforming a challenge into a newfound passion. What started as a personal quest soon evolved into Brie Louise Design – a business grounded in the belief that every brand deserves to have their voice not just heard, but amplified!

 I never anticipated this path, instead I envisioned a future filled solely with performances and music-teaching engagements. Life, however, often orchestrates its own narrative, and I've embraced the unexpected composition.

When I'm not immersed in designing websites, you'll find me rehearsing for my next musical endeavor, sharing insights on my blog, or cherishing moments with my husband amidst the entertaining company of our cats, a spirited kitten, parakeets, and a goofy flock of chickens in our country home.

Join me on this harmonious journey where artistry meets technology, and every element sings a unique melody.

Welcome to Brie Louise Design – where your brand's story becomes a visual symphony.

Brie xo

Every Story has a Beginning....

Creativity is my love language

About the Studio

Brie Louise Design is a branding and (Showit) web design studio that specializes in "composing" thoughtful, strategic, and unique designs for singers, artists, and creative business owners.

At  the heart of Brie Louise Design,  the story begins with a passionate belief – the belief that every brand, every creative soul, deserves to be a unique symphony. I  am not just a designer;  I  am a composer, a  conductor, orchestrating narratives that blend seamlessly with visual compositions. The  journey starts with the understanding that your brand isn't just a logo; it's a story waiting to be told in a visual melody.

Here, we carve a niche that goes beyond the ordinary. Visual Symphony is the anthem, where brand identity becomes a harmonious overture, resonating with the essence of your story. With each project, I  craft a melody that's uniquely yours, an individual symphony that sets you apart in the crowded digital landscape. Brie Louise Design isn't just a design studio; it's a creative haven where your story finds its voice, and every element plays a note in your brand's unique composition.


In focus:

As the story unfolds, we venture into the realm of custom web design, where the rhythm of design meets the crescendo of unique experiences. Custom Compositions is my promise – bespoke web designs that go beyond templates, transforming your digital presence into an immersive masterpiece. At Brie Louise Design, I won't  settle for the ordinary; I compose digital opuses that mirror your artistic brilliance.

Finally, we come to Tempo Twist, the dynamic encore in the brand story. With a creative twist on semi-custom design, I add a new rhythm to your templates, infusing energy and a unique spin. Here, every design becomes a personalized encore, a testament to my commitment to innovative and dynamic solutions. At Brie Louise Design, my brand story isn't just about design; it's about crafting unique symphonies that resonate with the heartbeat of your creativity.


A look back on how it began & where it's going

Switched my college major from graphic art to music performance


Began teaching voice in a private music studio and in my own home studio; Was also performing frequently as a freelance soprano


Major back surgery forced me to stop performing; started my blog focusing on my clean beauty and eco-living journey


Got back into singing full time when I was asked to sing at my SIL's wedding. Also began teaching both voice and beginning piano. Had to stop during COVID - began taking online lessons in 2020. Still blogging too!


Started learning how to design on the Showit platform; landed my first client in June 2023, my second client in July and still growing! Still studying voice, also offering lessons; blogging is focused on design, singing and living a more balanced life! 


the early days as a pro singer!

starting a new creative chapter


Home Reno Shows


My Husband

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